Curing Hemorrhoids – The Proven Way To Eliminate Pain And Embarrassment

First, a confession about curing hemorrhoids .
I have experienced personally the extreme pain associated with hemorrhoids, and I know the secondary effects of this condition. They may be secondary in medical terminology, but they certainly aren’t when you weigh up the huge effects on you as a person. For this reason, it has been a long term goal of mine to find a solution to curing hemorrhoids – one that does not simply deal with symptoms, but attacks the source and results in a permanent cure.

Curing Hemorrhoids – at the source

I have evaluated the different alternatives, including medical procedures and natural treatments. And it seems as though there is one natural method which consistently stands out as worthy of high recommendation.

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The approach taken in this method is natural, it’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s quick. It is known as Hemorrhoid Miracle, or H Miracle for short.

Curing Hemorrhoids – the H Miracle!

curing hemorrhoids

One of the things that first attracted me to this approach is the fact that it has been showcased by Dr. J Davies, Medical Director of St. Luke’s Health Alliance in Massachusetts USA. It is not some off-beat idea scorned by medical professionals.

Another attractive feature is the long list of genuine testimonials which I was able to easily unearth, from people who have verified that H Miracle really delivers on what it claims to do. I also came across another review from a respected independent health reviewer who detailed the comparison between this method and “conventional” methods of curing hemorrhoids. At the end of the day, in his opinion there really was no comparison. That led me to investigate further, and I noted some comments by Dr. Charles Livingston. Here is some of his evaluation:

  • “Holly has discovered the best natural treatments for hemorrhoids on the market.”
  • “She gives at least 10 different instant relief remedies.”
  • “I was so impressed, that I will be recommending them for my patients.”
  • “The research and knowledge that she has laid out in this [system] will save you hours of pain and hundreds of dollars.”
  • “Listen to her. She knows what she’s talking about.”

H Miracle also comes with an 8 week guarantee. That’s unusual.

Curing Hemorrhoids Quickly and Permanently

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Piles Treatment – Are You Looking for a Piles Treatment That Will Permanently Cure Your Piles?

Piles Treatment – Are You Looking for a Piles Treatment That Will Permanently Cure Your Piles?

Article by Daniel Major

Finding a piles treatment that works permanently is what many persistent sufferers of piles want. Many people find piles, also known as hemorrhoids or hemroids, too embarrassing a complaint to talk with their doctor about and instead choose to treat their condition with one of many ‘over-the-counter’ treatments or creams.

The first point that should be made here is that you should always visit your doctor, regardless of how you feel about a condition. The condition of piles is very easy to self-diagnose but it is always advisable to get a qualified opinion from your practitioner to rule out any other, potentially worse, underlying issues.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with using over-the-counter treatments. They are very effective in relieving the condition of piles; however, their results are, almost always, temporary and usually it is not long before the vast majority of people are suffering once again and are forced into repeating the application of these treatments.

Most piles treatments that can be purchased at your local chemist or pharmacy are easy to use but can often lead to embarrassing issues like suffering from an unexpected seepage and, because many of these treatments are oil based, there is also the possibility of oil staining in areas of your clothing that you would rather not have noticeable stains! Both of these issues can be countered by using absorbent towelling which works quite well but for many is as embarrassing in itself!

For anyone who has had, or who continually suffers from piles you have my sympathy. They are uncomfortable and painful and can have an immense impact on your life and how you live it and that is why so many people are miserable and will do anything to find a permanent solution, rather than making do with the quick fix provided by their local pharmacy.

There have been surgical methods around for quite some time that provide an effective and permanent (in most cases) solution to piles and these are hemorrhoid banding and laser treatments, it should be stressed however that using surgery should always be the last resort and used only when all else has failed.

Hemorrhoid banding is the more commonly used of the two procedures and consists of a rubber band being placed at the base of each pile to cut off circulation and this results in the pile falling off in 1 to 2 weeks. Banding causes extreme discomfort and is often painful, but it will rid you of piles! Laser treatment is a lot less painful but a considerably more expensive piles treatment but it will provide a permanent cure to piles.

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There is also a piles treatment that is proven to provide a permanent cure. Learn more about this piles treatment here!

Hemroids Home Remedies ? Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemroids Home Remedies ? Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Approximately 85% of people have experienced hemroids at one point in their life. I found this statistic quite surprising. Hemroids can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle especially lack of fiber in your daily habit and straining during the movement of bowels. The older you get, the bigger the chance you get hemroids.

There are several preventive steps and remedies you can use to cure hemroids. A lot of people nowadays choose hemroids home remedies rather than medical remedies to cure their hemroids. Out of those 85% of people that get hemroids nowadays, only 10% of them need surgery for extreme case.

1. Preventive Steps

Before we talk on how you can remove your hemroids using natural remedies, first you need to know several preventive steps to ensure your hemroids will never come again once it is healed.

There are various causes of hemroids, but the most common ones are constipation and sitting and standing for too long therefore it is advisable to consume a lot of food rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables as your daily habit and doing regular exercise several times a week.

2. Home Remedies Advantages

Home remedies for hemroids come in form of natural ingredients, therefore there are less side effects and cheap treatment compared with traditional medical treatment that might give you prolonged side effect. Unless your hemroids has reached an extreme case you should consider home remedies using natural hemroids treatment than medical treatment.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil has been known to have been known to have an effect of soothing hemroids and help cure it. You can find olive oil at local health or food stores. The application is quite simple, just drink a tea spoon full of olive oil.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used effectively to cure various skin care problems like warts and moles, and also known as an effective remedy to cure hemroids. You can apply it in two ways drink the juice and apply the cream to afflicted area.

5. Cool Water And Soap

Wash your rectal with cool water and soap also can help faster healing. It can help reduce swelling and elevate associated blood supply to accelerate healing.

You can cure hemroids at the comfort of your home using entirely natural treatment, unless your hemroids has reached an extreme case.

If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally, i highly recommend you check out Holly Hayden Hemorrhoid Miracle. She will show you how to remove hemorrhoids permanently and naturally within 48 hours. To learn more, check out my hemorrhoid miracle review.

Best Cure for Painful Hemorroids

Best Cure for Painful Hemorroids

Article by James A. Lathrop

When you have hemorroids, the incessant itching and burning pain can cause constant discomfort that gets in the way of your ordinary activities. There are many treatments available for hemorroid pain. The most effective remedies we have found for soothing hemorroid pain and speeding the healing process are formulated from all-natural ingredients, with no chemical additives to further irritate the skin. Naturally derived essential oils have the ability to soothe damaged skin, reduce painful inflammation, and boost the body’s natural healing abilities to speed recovery time.The Causes of HemorroidsHemorroids are small clusters of swollen blood vessels in the anal passage and around the rectum. They are formed as the result of weakening of the vascular tissue due to excessive pressure on the pelvis and abdomen, or from straining to pass bowel movements.Constipation and diarrhea often result in the formation of hemorroids; obesity and pregnancy are also contributing factors.

Symptoms and DiagnosisInternal hemorroids often do not cause any pain, as there are few sensory nerve endings inside the anal passage. They may cause some bleeding, however, especially as the result of passing a stool.External hemorroids (swollen blood vessels which have pushed through the rectum), on the other hand, can cause a great deal of pain. They may bleed and clot, forming hard lumps that are constricted by the rectum; these may appear as hard blueish or purple lumps, and they may itch and burn for hours after a bowel movement.In most cases, a visual examination is enough for your doctor to determine that hemorroids are the source of your symptoms. If you have rectal bleeding and no visible hemorroids are apparent, your doctor may conduct an internal examination to evaluate your condition.Common TreatmentsWhile hemorroids tend to eventually clear up on their own, they can cause such a degree of discomfort that most people prefer a more rapid cure. A tried-and-true home remedy for hemorroids consists of soaking in a warm water sitz bath for 20 minutes, several times each day, to relieve the pain>Another common technique is to wrap small rubber bands around protruding hemorroids to eliminate their blood supply, forcing them to shrink back into the anal canal.There are a variety of more convenient over-the-counter remedies for soothing hemorroid pain avaiable from most pharmacies. However, we have found the most effective treatment in a unique formula designed by the scientists of Derma Remedies, a natural dermatology research center.A concentrated blend of powerful, yet gentle botanical oils combines to relieve the pain of hemorroids quickly and promote rapid healing. This powerful hemorroid cure is mild enough for sensitive, irritated skin. Visit the company site at to find out more about this all-natural hemorroid cure.

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James A. Lathrop is a leading dermatology expert with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Lathrop is well-known in the field for his support of natural treatments for common skin conditions, and his research on the subject has been featured in numerous publications.

how to get rid of hemroids naturally

how to get rid of hemroids naturally

Article by West gate

how to get rid of hemroids naturallyHemorrhoids are not only painful but embarrassing. No one wants to talk about their hemorrhoids, so it can be hard to find natural and safe cures to get rid of hemorrhoids. And once you know how to get rid of hemroids naturally, you can put the pain and embarrassment of that ailment behind you. So, how is it done? Learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids and avoid to get rid of hemroids naturallyWhen you have a hemorrhoid flare up, the first thing you need to do is treat the hemorrhoids themselves. You may want to try a topical medication. For those wanting to use a natural cure, vitamin E applied directly to the skin works well in most cases. You can buy many over-the-counter products that will help you and tell you how to get rid of hemroids naturally. This will reduce the flare up and take care of the pain and irritation you’re having in the short to get rid of hemroids naturallyBut what you really need to know is how to get rid of hemorrhoids in the long term, and avoid having a painful and costly surgery. No one wants to go under the knife – especially for something like hemorrhoids. If you want to know how to get rid of hemroids naturally in the long term so you don’t have to deal with painful flare ups in the future, the first step is in regulating your to get rid of hemroids naturallyMore fiber in your diet is how to get rid of hemroids naturally so that they will stay inactive. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and if necessary take a fiber supplement to be sure you’re getting all the fiber you need. Hemorrhoids thrive off of inactivity, and many people who are bound to chairs or beds suffer from hemorrhoids. If it is possible for you to be less sedentary, then do so. Getting enough fiber in your diet and getting regular exercise will greatly reduce the hemorrhoids that are making you to get rid of hemroids naturallyYou also want to drink plenty of water. Water’s natural cleansing affect will help you get rid of hemorrhoids and make your body much more healthy overall. When you know how to get rid of hemorrhoids, you can avoid surgery and avoid the painful experiences you’ve been having. No one wants to have hemorrhoids. The good news is, when you know how to get rid of hemroids naturally, you don’t have to get rid of hemroids naturally

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Natural Remedies For Hemroids

Natural Remedies For Hemroids

Hemroids, which are also known as piles, are generally problems that mainly present veins in the anus and rectum that become swollen and inflamed. In the last few years major population at different parts of the world has witnessed an increase in the ratio of patients who are suffering from hemroids. Just for an example, in the United States only almost the three-quarters of people suffer from hemorrhoids at some time in their lives. There are different reasons for hemroids, but the most prevalent cause of hemroids is the constipation that takes place because of straining while passing hard stools and this in turn puts extra pressure on the rectum. That actually makes the veins swell (like varicose) and hemroids to appear. Adding to this, pregnancy, obesity, aging, pushing too much during bowel movements, and spending too much time on the toilet are other main reasons. However, at times heredity also plays the major part in some cases.

Today there are different remedies available in the market that can cure hemroids. But just treating hemroids symptoms is not enough. It is useless if they are only going to return and so in recent times various natural and home remedies have gained much attention. So in case, if you are looking for natural remedies for Hemroids, here are some of the most favorable natural remedies that can be used for hemroids-

Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids are generally one of its own kinds of plant compound that basically play an important role in recovering from hemroids by strengthening blood vessel walls and there by reducing the inflammation. In fact, in recent time this remedy has proved to reduce anal discomfort, pain, and anal discharge during an acute hemorrhoid attack. Today you can find the major flavonoids in citrus fruits, oxerutins and herperidin and appear to be very beneficial.

Horse Chestnut:
The herb horse chestnut can also be considered as other remedy and often suggested when there is chronic venous insufficiency or poor circulation in the veins. The active compound that plays a major role in recovering from hemroids is believed to be aescin. You can take this natural remedy as a tea or in capsule form. It may even be applied externally as a compress. However, it is also important to note that people who have an allergy to the horse chestnut family or bleeding disorders, must not take horse chestnut. Apart from this, you must note that only products made from the seeds or bark of the young branches should be used. Adding to this, other parts of the plant are extremely poisonous.

Fiber: Fiber is yet another remedy that can help in quick recovery and treating problems like hemroids. It has also shown a consistent beneficial effect and recovery in relieving hemroids symptoms and bleeding. It helps in softening of stool, which further helps in reducing straining. There are plenty of ways to get fiber. The best possible way to increase the intake of fiber is start eating foods high in fiber, such as whole grains and vegetables. Apart from this, you may even intake one teaspoon of the husks in water followed by another glass of water. Another option is ground flaxseeds, but whatever is the source of fiber, you must ensure sufficient drinking of water or constipation may worsen.

These are some of the best possible natural remedies that can help you cure hemroids. Today, there is still misconception about hemroids treatment that an external application can be more effective, but following natural remedies has also proved ideal option to cure this problem more effective as well. is a complete information guide about Hemroids treatment and symptoms. Visit on the site and know how do hemorrhoids occur, how to treat hemorrhoids through natural hemroid remedies and other hemorrhoids treatment options and more useful tips to avoid from hemorrhoid.

Get Hemroids Relief Through Hemroid Treatment

Get Hemroids Relief Through Hemroid Treatment

When many individuals think that they have hemroids the discomfort and swelling is potentially only outweighed by their embarrassment. However, a little embarrassment should not keep people from getting hemroid treatment. Hemroids occur when the blood vessels in the anus become inflamed causing swelling and oftentimes a painful itchy feeling. Hemroids occur as a result of excess exertion during defecation or as a result of pregnancy.

Hemroids relief comes in several varieties without a prescription; however, it is suggested that one seek the consultation of a trained medical physician in order to obtain a proper diagnosis. Hemroid treatment that is available over the counter should resolve the problem in about seven days. Hydrocortisone suppositories, topical gels, topical creams and wipes help to reduce swelling along with other active ingredients that act as numbing agent.

A more natural hemroid treatment is witch hazel, which acts as a numbing agent combined with a wet and slippery piece of ice that is inserted into the anus in order to reduce swelling. Most individuals find the hydrocortisone cream and gels to be the most effective over the counter hemroid treatment.

Hemroids relief is a two prong approach. The first is to reduce swelling and the other is to reduce irritation. As a result, acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen are oftentimes used to help reduce the inflammation. An Epson salt bath can help to keep the anus clean, which is also very important in obtaining hemroids relief.

A self-diagnosis of hemroids may not be the right solution as there are several medical conditions that including bleeding hemroids that can be more serious and require a doctor. Typically, a doctor will prescribe medication or recommend an over the counter variety; however, severe cases may require surgical hemroid treatment in order to obtain hemroids relief.

One should drink plenty of water (eight to ten glasses) and become aware of one’s fiber intake as well both in order to obtain hemroids relief as well as a preventative measure. Fiber in too large or too small of quantities can cause constipation, which can result in hemroids or a prolonged case of hemroids. Therefore, it is important to consult a physician on the proper amount to ingest.

Although it is probably best not to bring up the topic of hemroids at the dinner table, it is important to understand the many hemroid treatments available. The self treatment methodologies should resolve the problem in seven days. If hemroids relief is not attained after seven days of treatment then a licensed physician is the most prudent course of action. is a website that discusses many ways an individual may attain hemroids relief. discusses hemroid treatment and is an excellent information resource. The website has an extensive amount of information regarding hemroids; however, it is not designed to replace the opinion of a licensed medical professional. For more information Contact: Advanced Health Consultants, P. O. Box 530007, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747;, Phone #: 727-328-0859.

Get Hemroids Relief Through Comprehensive Hemroid Treatment

Get Hemroids Relief Through Comprehensive Hemroid Treatment

Hemroids occur in individuals as a result of pregnancy or pushing and straining too much during defication. By straining too much the blood vessels in the anus become overfilled and irritated. The resulting swelling becomes itchy and can also be painful requiring hemroid treatment. There are several steps that one can take in order to attain hemroids relief.

In order to find fast and effective hemroid treatment, it is important to know that one actually has hemroids. Please consult a physician in order to ensure that one has hemroids rather than a more serious problem. Hemroids relief usually takes the form of a topical cream, gel, pad or suppository. The active ingredients typically include an anti inflammatory agent as well as a topical numbing agent. Keep the anus clean in order to obtain the most effective hemroids relief. A bath is recommended over a shower and an Epson salt bath is oftentimes relieves some of the itching associated with hemroids.

Many individuals have found that the hydrocortisone creams and gels outperform suppositories when trying to find the best hemroid treatment. One may also reduce swelling by using ice as a suppository. The ice can help cool the affected and provide hemroids relief. Additionally, drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day not only provides hemroids relief, but it can also reduce the recurrence of hemroids especially when taken with the proper proportion of daily fiber. Fiber is somewhat interesting when it comes to hemroid treatment in that either too much or too little fiber may cause constipation, which causes hemroids.

Hemroids relief may also be attainable with a special cushion designed for those individuals suffering from hemriods. It essentially provides hemroids relief by taking pressure off of the anus when one is sitting. The special cushion can be extremely helpful for individuals that must sit for an extended amount of time.

It is understandable that individuals are typically uncomfortable about discussing hemroids and hemroid treatment with their friends; however, there is information out there on the Internet that can help individuals find hemroids relief in the privacy of their own home. is a website dedicated to hemroids relief. is an excellent information resource regarding hemroid treatment. The website is designed to act as an information resource and should not be relied upon for self-diagnosis and replace a professional medical opinion by a licensed physician. For more information: Advanced Health Consultants, P. O. Box 530007, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747;; Phone #: 727-328-0859.

Experience 6 Home Remedies For Hemroids That Can Help You Discover Quick Relief

Experience 6 Home Remedies For Hemroids That Can Help You Discover Quick Relief

If you have problems with inflamed hemroids, you are not enjoying life, that’s for sure.

Just think about all the ways hemroids inconvience you on a daily basis.

Check out these home remedies for hemroids straight away only if you have had enough of the pain, swelling and irritation hemroids have caused you.

A word of notice about %LINK1% make sure you consult with your medical professional to start with before starting any kind of hemroid treatment program.

Don’t miss thes 6 home remedies for hemroids that can help alleviate the pain:

Drink lots of water:

If you drink enough water, this will go a long way in helping to have proper bowel movements that don’t require straining. Having bowel movements that easily pass out of your body is critical for allowing your existing hemroids to heal and stop growing. Drinkning lots of water is one way to do this. If you consume lots of fruits and more importantly vegetables, this will help ensure you have even more high quality water to your diet as well as the benefitial fiber to help bulk up and transport fecal matter easily out of your body.

Do not strain:

Do not force your bowels to defecate unless your body already tells you to do so. Once you have excreted the stool, do not force even more as this will put too much pressure on your rectum.

Let it flow:

You should feel like you’re going to explode when you have a bowel movement, if you try to go sooner you’ll end up straining and pushing too hard causing more hemroids. Remember that the longer the stool stays in your body, the higher its chances to lose moisture.

Once again if you’re planning to finding a cure make absolutely certain you find effective and safe treatments for them.

Go for stool softeners:

As far as home remedies for hemroids go, stool softeners have been used for hundreds of years quite effectively. Even if you take stool softeners you still must consume foods high in fiber so that they will act as a broom in your colon allowing you to get rid of toxic waste. As always if you buy laxatives make sure to check with your health practicioner before consuming them.

Staying fit:

You can do everything right but if you do not exercise on a regular basis none of the tips above will have the biggest impact on your health. Just so you know, you don’t need to train like you’re going to the Olympics, you just need to get something going each day that is physical. Why are you waiting any longer? Strap on them running shoes and hit the pavement!

Gently but thoroughly clean your rectal area:

Once again good hygene and keeping a clean bum is a huge home remedy for hemroids. Stool that is left in the area can actually inflame and really irritate hemroids so it’s important to make sure you keep that area nice and clean.

These are just some of the most effective natural home remedies for hemroids.

If you want to know more tips on how to deal with enlarged hemroids more effectively, then click this link now for more details.

Learn even more about home remedies for hemroids. Learn about precisely what is the #1 most effective hemorrhoids home treatment that one could start executing now to get prompt pain relief.

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